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All your Christmas deli shopping in one place


No.48 Woodlands Terrace Singapore 738460
Tel: 65-67594388
Fax: 65-67536612

Directions by bus:

Bus 964 From Woodland interchange Alight at opp blk 22

Directions by car:

SLE Exit Woodlands Ave 12 (Exit 9) Continue onto Woodlands Ave 10 Turn left onto Woodlands Ave 9 Turn left onto Woodlands link Turn right onto Woodlands Terrance.



About the event

19th to 23rd Dec 2015: 10am – 5pm

      24th Dec 2015: 10am – 1pm

All your deli Christmas shopping in one place. Every year during the festive period of Christmas, we will launch a special factory sales for all of our customers. Providing them an unique Christmas Shopping experiences right at our headquarter. Offering a wide ranging choice of Sausages, Cold Cut, Ham and specialties; unique to only Wang Foong.

Shopper can expect to find unique combo items specially designed and packed for the festive period of Christmas. Roast Turkey from 11-12lbs, our famous Honey Baked Ham, wide ranging sausages, Honey Pork Ribs and many more.

Expect to find hot deli product freshly cooked on the spot, the most original taste you can get from us.

Bring your family and friends and join us this Christmas at our Factory Sales!