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with different cut of meat

Stretch meat a little further by choosing a budget cut. These cuts of pork, beef and lamb will offer value for money.


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Choose your meat

To some butcher, brisket is one of their favorite cuts of beef. This portion of meat is best pot roasted or barbecue


Taken from the underbelly of the cow, skirt steak is very cheap to buy but should not be cooked further than medium otherwise it becomes very tough. It’s traditionally used in Cornish pasties


As this cut is taken from the leg, it usually comes with a bone intact. Stew in slices or braised it with ginger


A steak cut that’s from the abdominal muscles of the cow, flank comes in thick, hindquarter and forequarter varieties. It works well minced. Used it for Beef pie will be a good choice.


Silverside is very lean, but good for corned beef or salt beef.

chunk & blade

Dice and braise these cuts that come from the top of the animal, just past the neck.


The leg is similar to shin, so cook it slowly in plenty of liquid.

top rump

This is also known as thick flank- thinly slice it for a cheap steak or roast whole for an extremely economical Sunday lunch. If you serve it pink it will keep it tender.